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Control of contractors

We periodically offer workshops to train yerba mate and tea producers, as well as contractors in the area.
At the same time, we actively monitor contractors to ensure compliance with labor regulations, especially strict compliance with the prohibition of child and adolescent labor. To this end, there are people in charge with exclusive responsibility for the supervision and control of this issue, in line with the company's Code of Ethics.

Our control contemplates the care and supervision of a universe of more than 8,700 people per year, external to the company, over whom Las Marías assumes the responsibility of ensuring compliance with labor, social security, occupational hazards, and other essential standards for the development of the activity.


Las Marias receives audit controls from third parties with whom it has commercial agreements, such as Disney and Kellogg’s.

These controls cover not only our industrial facilities but also the entire value chain of our products and the working conditions of our employees. In addition, Las Marias qualifies its raw material suppliers by requiring the following:


noalt The signing of an affidavit regarding compliance with labor, health and tax regulations applicable to its activity.

noalt Audit by specialists to verify compliance with these commitments.

noalt In the event of non-compliance with the standards, they no longer qualify as suppliers to the company.

It also has an Internal Audit area in charge of ensuring transparency and integrity in business, key values for Las Marías. The sector has made available to its collaborators, suppliers and customers its Ethics Line, which consists of several means of contact, through which irregular and/or fraudulent activities that affect these values can be reported.