plantas de yerba mate establecimiento las marias


Experimentation, development and the search to improve processes is a constant at Las Marías. Thanks to the commitment and care of each employee in performing their tasks, the results reach the consumer through each of our products.

Vegetative reproduction

Las Marías was a pioneer in the research and development of yerba mate plants. After more than 30 years of work, in our nursery we were able to select the best yerba mate and tea shoots, and through vegetative reproduction we now obtain plants identical in productivity. It is a natural selection that allows plants to express the full potential of their species.
Having selected varietals allows the product to always maintain the same flavor and color, thus ensuring superior quality and yield from the origin.


Integrated pest management and soil care

In 1986 we started with the Integrated Pest Management project. Together with INTA and university institutions, over the years we have gained in-depth knowledge of every corner and organism present in the Las Marías agroecosystem. To protect our crops from pests, we preferably choose biological products that do not harm the environment and are harmless to humans, favoring the natural action of beneficial insects.

In addition, we replace insecticides with natural products specially developed under our integrated system.


Minimum tillage and contour lines

In order to protect soil fertility from erosion caused by heavy rains in the region, we use minimum tillage for tea, yerba mate and forest species. This consists of intervening as little as possible in the soil at the time of cultivation so as not to interfere with the natural processes that take place there. In addition, we cultivate on contours, which also prevents soil erosion as the contours increase water infiltration.


Weeds and green roofs

The study and controlled maintenance of some weeds allowed us to keep the environment of the plantations in balance. Their controlled presence generates the necessary conditions for predators and pests to coexist at acceptable levels for production.
On the other hand, during pruning, by leaving the ground covered with branches, we also avoid water runoff and erosion. In this way we add one more aspect of care to the soil and agroecosystem of Las Marías.