pinos y eucaliptos establecimiento las marias


Forestry activity in Las Marías began in the 1960s, with the planting of 500 hectares of pine and eucalyptus trees.
The genetic material originally used was local, basically from seedbeds selected by the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA, by its Spanish acronym) and the National Forestry Institute (IFONA, by its Spanish acronym). From the 1980s onwards, new places of origin were incorporated with materials from the United States, South Africa and Australia, of a better genetic quality.



Currently, Las Marías Group, through Las Marías Establishment and Las Marías Forestry, has about 6,768 hectares forested with loblolly pine, elliottii pine, hybrid pine, eucalyptus, and other high value species, which were achieved thanks to a constant search for optimizing the use of resources, locating each species in the soil conditions required by them. In particular, Las Marías Establishment is one of the main forestry-industrial groups with entirely national capital and is linked, being the founder of several of them, with the main organizations and associations in the field

Among them we can mention: Asociación Forestal Argentina (Argentine Forestry Association) (AFOA); Asociación Forestal de Corrientes (Corrientes Forestry Association) - Consorcio de Manejo del Fuego (Fire Management Consortium); Consorcio Forestal Corrientes Norte (Corrientes Norte Forestry Consortium) (CFCN); Asociación Maderera y Afines de Corrientes (Corrientes Timber and Related Association) (AMtForestal); Las Marías S.A., a company established for the industrialization and commercialization of wood, has a modern sawmill with an annual production capacity of 70,000 m3 of sawn wood, consuming 170,000 tons of roundwood. About 70% is commercialized in the foreign market, mainly dimensioned wood, the main destinations being China, Vietnam, the Philippines, the United States, and various countries in Central America, some of the destinations have custody, allowing the FSC® certification reach the customer.

Sustainable development

Las Marías Group’s commitment to sustainable forest management is manifested by being a member of the FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL®, A.C. (South Economic Chamber) since 2004, in turn, Las Marías Establishment is a founding member of the Civil Association, Council for Responsible Management of Forests and Forest Spaces, a promoter of the FSC National Initiative in Argentina.