brangus colorado cabaña las marias


Cattle ranching has always been present in Las Marías, and continues to this day as a complement to agricultural and forestry activities.


Starting with a commercial herd of 2,000 Brangus Colorado cattle, a complete cycle is carried out, beginning with calf raising, rebreeding and ending with the finishing of steers certified with the Alianza del Pastizal seal.

The entire cycle is carried out in natural fields, reserving pastures and strategic supplementation for some stages of production.

On the other hand, Las Marías manages a long-established Brangus Colorado herd. It is a herd clearly oriented to production. The selection and the breeding program favor adaptation and fertility under adverse production conditions. Classical phenotypic selection is used together with information from DEPs and genomics. It has a wide genetic pool based on its own families and selected lines from breeders of recognized trajectory.

Its production is mainly marketed throughout Argentina and is recognized for its performance. To a lesser extent, it is also present in neighboring countries and in destinations as remote as Malaysia. Several outstanding breeders contributed in different important Argentine Brangus lines.