grua para produccion y consumo responsable establecimiento las marias


Tons of compost
for organic fertilizer



Tons of biomass
per year

Responsible Consumption and Production


Since the 1980s, we have been planning the production of compost, from our own nursery. Today we are applying circular economy principles by reusing the waste from our forestry production (sawdust), livestock production (manure) and yerba mate production (discarded branches and leaves).

Every year, more than 12,000 tons of compost are produced, which we then use as organic fertilizer in the plantations.

Compost provides natural nutrition to soils, while adding organic matter other than that which is present in the soil, favoring its balance.



For more than 25 years Las Marías has been a pioneer in the use of wood chips from our planted forests.

It is an environmentally friendly fuel, since forests help protect the soil. It is a renewable energy source and is neutral in the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Our dryers were adapted for use during the yerba mate elaboration process, with excellent results. We use 55,000 tons of wood chips, which in our special burners produce a very good combustion, which generates a very clean gas and facilitates a precise monitoring of the process: it generates the volume of fire, with temperature, and in the necessary quantity and quality.

In addition, this technology improves the quality of people's work and the quality of the final product. This is part of Las Marias' philosophy of integral continuous improvement.