• Joining: 1997
  • Sector: Industry.
  • Position: Laboratory Taster.

Marcelo Saguchi

His parents arrived in the region escaping from the war in Japan; they arrived in Brazil and then made a stopover in Misiones and finally settled in Las Marías until today.

Virasoreño by birth, his best memories come from his childhood, when at an early age he started learning about tea and together with his father he would come to pick up strands from the Las Marías dryer.

“There are many masters here who leave teachings and experiences that allow us to improve ourselves”

For almost 25 years his working hours in the “laboratory” have been spent between blends of infusions for tea, mate, yerba mate and herbs. The role he plays in Las Marías is key and is deeply linked to the quality and products that each one of our consumers receives and enjoys: Marcelo is a taster. His privileged palate, his “gift” as he calls it, allows him to taste all the products produced by Las Marías, up to 450 gourds per day!, to ensure the same quality as always in yerba mate. But when he talks about tea, he seems to be talking about his passion, “I think it's in the blood,” he says.

What does he observe and control in the laboratory? Mainly flavor, as well as color, aroma, sample appearance, particle size and moisture content. If it is within all Las Marías quality parameters, it approves it and allows the product to go to the packaging sector. In addition, it controls finished products, mills, third-party work, and inputs.

Marcelo explains that yerba mate and tea are two different worlds, with a common thread that in Las Marías and, under its Taragüi brand, is given by its quality.

The spirit of doing things right