• Joining: 1975
  • Sector: Medical Service and Foundation
  • Position: Vice President of the Victoria Jean Navajas Foundation

Dr. Santos Platini

A medical doctor graduated from the University of La Plata, in 1975 he was invited to join the Medical Service of Las Marías, which is in charge of the health of the personnel and, since then, has marked a before and after in the care of the workers and their families.

While home births were still being performed in the province of Buenos Aires, in Las Marías there was already a culture of hospital births attended by a professional doctor, Dr. Platini tells us, and he is proud to talk about his greatest achievements in the Medical Service, where he led its organization and some innovative programs both for the time and for the region. “From a free Papanicolau program for workers' wives, which some social security programs proclaimed, but did not always implement, to the comprehensive care program for children up to the first year of life, as well as the registration and identification of endemic parasitosis in the urban and rural areas of workers' families, and the creation of the acoustic cabinet,” he tells us. The growth standard within the pediatric control program, subject to review and evaluation by the Growth Department of the Garrahan Hospital in Buenos Aires, surpasses the average for Corrientes and is on a par with the best health centers in the country.

“When I arrived at Las Marías there was already a great tradition of health education”

To this day, the Medical Service continues to be a key aspect in the care of the children of Las Marias workers. For the doctor, the human factor is fundamental: "Every patient who comes to the office needs personal attention," he says. With the work of Dr. Platini and his team, all collaborators were able for the first time to have a complete medical history.

Regarding the Foundation's activities, he highlights the work carried out in promoting values for the Victoria School, the Agrotechnical Institute, the Professional Training Center and its transversality with the criteria of the work at Las Marías. “One of the most important values of Las Marías is the seriousness in the search for quality and transparency”, he shares with us.

The spirit of doing things right