• Joining: 1986
  • Sector: Medical Service.
  • Position: Speech therapist.

Isabel Serra

Originally from Posadas, Isabel attended primary and secondary school there and university in Buenos Aires. While working in Posadas with her husband, the Medical Service of Las Marías turned to them in 1986 to develop a totally innovative preventive medicine project for the time: the area of speech therapy.

So that is how “we came with our children and we loved the place,” Isabel begins. Her work in the Medical Service began with the performance of hearing tests for all the company's personnel, especially for the prevention of hearing problems.

“In Las Marías there is something very important: the trust you have in the company and the trust the company places in you”

“What I liked the most was to prevent health problems,” she says.

One of the challenges of his work was related to raising worker awareness, which took years, at a time when the Health and Safety area did not yet exist. "The workers were not used to work with hearing protection. It was a job we did almost individually," she explains.

"Each person is given advice not only for work, but also for their home and activities outside of Las Marias," she tells us. Another of the great achievements Isabel mentions is the meticulous work they have done with the school in the area of speech therapy, through which they attend to all the children who enter the school. “An evaluation and early diagnosis is made with them," she proudly shares.

The spirit of doing things right