• Joining: 1995
  • Sector: Public Relations.
  • Position: Head of Public Relations.

Fernanda Álvarez

She was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Virasoro and graduated with a degree in Communication from the University of Rosario. Since the 1990s she started as a tour guide to cover a season during a busy month of July, but her ties to Las Marias go back much further.

Today she is in charge of the Public Relations team, whose main task is to show Las Marías and its quality differentials in the elaboration processes of its products to the thousands of visitors that come every year.

“Our greatest satisfaction is that visitors fall in love with Las Marías, its landscape, its history and its people”

Fernanda's history at Las Marias goes back to her paternal and maternal grandparents, who worked and lived at the facility. His father also worked in Las Marías, first in the tea dryer and, after many years working in Buenos Aires and Posadas, he returned and worked in the carpentry shop. “It always happens when you want to go back to your origins,” he tells us. His mother worked at the boarding school of the Agrotechnical Institute for several years.

Fernanda lived in Las Marías for more than ten years, her husband has worked here for more than thirty years and her daughters were born here. "Las Marías is part of my history, it is part of my life. Here I lived the most beautiful and important moments," she says proudly. Fernanda remembers Don Victor, the founder, when her parents told her how he would visit the houses at the end of the year and "he was interested and concerned about each family, about their projects and always insisted that people could have their own house".

Today, Fernanda's days at Las Marías are spent welcoming thousands of visitors per year, who can tour the establishment and learn more about the elaboration and quality behind our yerba mate and tea.

"The greatest challenge of our PR and Tourism team is to transmit to the visitors the philosophy of Las Marías, showing and telling them about the daily work of all its people, the passion in everything that is undertaken: the concern for achieving the highest quality and doing things right from the beginning, taking care of the people and the natural environment".

Among the most desired goals of her sector is the fact of being able to incorporate the balcony of the Infusions Warehouse to the visitors' circuit, “from there you can have a unique panoramic view, both of the inside of the Packaging area and the surrounding landscape, with the facilities of the Club Taragüi, part of the Molino neighborhood and the new exhibition yerba mate plantation”, she says enthusiastically.

The spirit of doing things right