• Joining: 1980
  • Sector: Accounting
  • Position: Head of Accounting Information Management.

Elsa Rotela

Elsa has been part of Las Marías for a lifetime. Born and raised in the Establishment, she has been working in accounting for more than 40 years. Her mother and siblings were and are also part of this great family.

"My mother was the one who started working here," she says. Her mother started in tea packing and retired at 55 with 20 years of service. Later, as the years went by, seven of his eight siblings joined her. Currently, four of them continue to work in the Administration, Services and Industry sectors.

“In Las Marías they let you grow. Always give the best you have. What you plant now, you will reap later.”

Throughout her years at Las Marías, Elsa had the challenge of moving the accounting area towards the use of computer systems to record and process the information, not only of the Company but also of the entire Las Marías Group. "There has been so much progress in IT since we started until today that we have been changing and evolving towards different systems. My work consists of preparing management reports, publication balance sheets, national and provincial surveys - in addition to the accompaniment as a functional user in the implementation and development of the different projects".

One of the aspects that Elsa highlights the most in Las Marías, from its beginnings until today, is the permanent training that the company provides to its employees, facilitating the adaptation to new internal and external challenges.

Elsa shares with us that she feels personally fulfilled and is grateful for the company's philosophy, for the support in difficult personal moments, for the human group and the teamwork that is achieved. Today, some nephews and nieces are also part of this great work family. “Teaching and passing on what one knows makes the work fruitful and enriching. Then we all work with the same ideals, the same knowledge and towards the same goal.”

When she tells us about her childhood in Las Marías, her eyes light up and she tells us that it was a “dream childhood”, from the games at the Club Taragüí, the Children's Day celebration and the participation of all the families. “We were all like one big family, because we all knew each other,” she says. To those who are entering Las Marías for the first time, Elsa gives her advice: “They should come with many dreams and projects, because they are all achievable. If they have a good attitude towards life, and with effort, they will succeed, because they have the tools here”.

The spirit of doing things right