• Joining: 1992
  • Sector: Services.
  • Position: Head of Services.

Néstor Giménez

Trained at the technical school of Santo Tomé, he developed experience in the Industrial area of Las Marías and participated in the most diverse projects: from starting up one of the mills to assembling the new Volpack packaging machines when they came from Europe in the mid-1990s.

His challenge was to give way to the Services area, which he currently leads as Head of Services. A benchmark area, which is called upon for practically any need, from small repairs to major works. "We are always being called to see what can be done," he explains.

“In Las Marías we always try to find the best way to do things”

When asked about his daily challenges in such a demanding area as Services, he tells us: “We had to learn to differentiate between what was urgent and what was important in order to avoid rushing. I am proud of all our work, from a faucet that doesn't work to the biggest of projects and, above all, when people say thank you.”

The spirit of doing things right