Our Product

We take care of every stage of the process, from the origin to the package.
That is why we plant and harvest with the long term in mind, taking care of the land we inhabit.


Our integrated production allows us to guarantee the quality of our products and to carry out innovative processes in the pursuit of a circular economy.

Vegetative reproduction

Integrated pest management and soil care

Minimum tillage and contour lines

Weed control and green covers

Certifications and awards

Several independent institutions endorse Las Marías' value chain and its impact on the industry, the community and the environment.



Rainforest Alliance

Forest Stewardship Council®

Alimentos Argentinos seal for yerba mate

Cabaña Las Marías

Cattle raising has been part of Las Marías since its origin. It is currently developed through Cabaña Las Marías, focused on the production of Brangus Colorado and a general breeding herd of the same breed.

Selection by fertility

Production improvement


Forestry production and marketing is developed through Establecimiento Las Marías and Forestal Las Marías, with pine and eucalyptus plantations.

70,000 m3 of sawn timber

Asia, Central America and the United States

Distribution Service

Due to the strength of our logistics capacity we offer this service to other companies looking to reduce their fixed costs and focus on their core business. These are the brands we distribute: